Harvested 2 weeks ago, new leaf emerged

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  1. Harvested 2 weeks ago. I moved the container outside and noticed I had a new leaf. Was surprised since it was in the shade and it's a auto. Is this going to develop and grow again?

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  2. That's mad I've never seen anything like it, it's possible because that's not much different from it being supercropped ie taking a cutting whilst in flower and revegging it but with an auto I don't know lol how comes you left it plugged in the soil? Just out of curiosity lol
  3. Pure laziness lol
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  4. I've seen this many times with photo strains, you chop all but the bottoms off them and put it back under lights to veg and they will start all kinds of sprouts from the bottom node areas, did it with last crop to one that gave crazy genetics, super strong body buzz shit. Then after letting it veg a while I cloned it out and started over with clones. I kept 4 and stuck them outside and now there all over 3ft and back in flower.
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  5. Well, I’m gonna move it inside under the lights and start it on my 1-2 week nutrients and see what happens. I have another plant of the same strain and harvested on the same day with no leaves. I may try that one as well.
  6. People reveg harvested plants so it's possible
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