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  1. I'm finishing my fist decent grow (yeilding more than a taste), and have three Sativa girls that are 3 - 3 1/2 feet tall. They've been grown in soil, under twin 40W florescents, 2 - 40W florescent grow lights, and 8 60W CFLs at 2700. The most advanced of the three has gone through leaf yellowing and dropping from the base up... the other two are on the same path, though a week or so behind. The buds on the most developed plant are of fair size (2 -3 in ea.), and around half of the bud hairs have turned pretty golden.

    Does that sound about right, or does it sound as if they need a bit more flowering time.......
  2. Get magnifying glass, and check trichomes.
  3. How long have u been flowering them for
  4. My only advice is don't let your anxiety cut you short. I've really noticed a difference in shape and frangerence the last couple days, but not much growth, and I've been contemplating whether to chop or not for over a week.
  5. theres 3 main things i look for when i cut.

    1. trichome color ratio
    2. how swollen the calyxes are
    3. the way the overall plant looks. when its about ready the leaves will change colors and start to die off, the pistils will be almost all red(unless its a white strain) and start to recede into the calyx.

    #3 is the most important imho. some strains are meant to have mostly amber trichomes when harvest time. some mostly milky and clear. some calyxes dont swell up very large leaving more of a fluffy bud. a good start is to examine your trichome color ratio if you dont know all the signs of full ripeness. look around i know ive seen a thread on here with awesome pictures to see the pistils receding and premature vs fully ripened buds.
  6. Thanks Panda,

    The Trichromes are about 1/2 white and the leaves (bud leaves) are fairly well filled in. The girl I'm wondering about has had the axial leave turn yellow, beginning at the bottom, and moving to the top of the plant. There is now on large pair of axial leaves at the top.... and that's it. The rest are bud leaves.

    I also took a look at the bud hairs, and they're looking a bit used.... about 1/2 amber, the other 1/2 while.

    Frankly, the plant is starting to resemble a joss stick...
  7. Thanks Rarouni,

    They're at 85 days in their flowing cycle.
  8. Thanks Todderfran,

    That was a good idea. The trichromes are filling in nicely.

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