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    Cheese Auto (09April/ Day 75 from seed). She's in Coco coir w/ perlite, organic dry amendments (3-9-4), 5gal air pot. Water every 3d day with CalMag, URB nutrients, liquid seaweed. In the picture she's 70 days from seed in ground. Started off under Horticultural Lighting Group V2 100v light, recently changed to Mars Hydro SP250.
    How far off from harvest do y'all think? First in over 10 years and first in Coco coir. Feeling like a newbie all over.
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  2. Looking great! As for time, a few weeks. I feel like two weeks is a stretch... maybe 3 weeks on the short side. But, they should explode in size I’m feeling. How long since you’ve had flowers?
  3. Definitely wait.
    Not sure about autos but if it was a pheno I would say it has another 5 weeks at least.
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  4. This link will take you to one of my posts that shows basically the beginning, middle and end of the flower stage. It seems that you are still in the beginning.

    Remember, it's all about the trichromes. You can have the fattest buds and if the trichs are all clear, you won't get high. Invest in a jewelers loupe with at least 60x strength so you can look at the trichromes and judge for yourself.
  5. It's been closer to 15 years since growing. Thanks for your input. The new light brings the temp up to 80°f/ 55% humidity, but good ventilation. Thanks again!
  6. That link was super helpful. Great pics on there. I have a microscope camera I'm going to use to snap pics of the tricomes in a few days. Thanks!
  7. I don’t want you to focus on how much longer. That’s kinda of where mistakes start you know. You get a timeline in your head but the plant will have other plans. You doing well, keep it up and let us know how it’s looking in the coming weeks!
  8. Updated pictures: 76 days from seed in ground.

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  9. Looks like They can use some potassium
  10. Got any advice on how to get some potassium in there while still keeping it organic and brief? Cheese was top dressed with a two month organic fertilizer (3-9-4) about a month ago. My water is pH'd 6.5-6.8. I've never had to flush before because I time my feeds to taper off near the end of the plants life. I've just been watering with molasses, URB microbes, and liquid seaweed.
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    Cheese Auto: 79 from seed-in-ground. A lot of new yellowing. Recalibrated pH pen, adjusted light distance, watered with: Liquid seaweed, URB microbes, molasses @ 6.56.
    IMG-20190626-WA0002.jpeg IMG-20190626-WA0008.jpeg IMG-20190626-WA0015.jpeg 190627_000602.jpg 190627_000348.jpg 190627_000013.jpg

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  12. Need nitrogen.. Them plants look anemic.
    When I was going the organic route. I mostly used Down To Earth with pretty decent results
    This is one of the potassium products.
    Here is one of the nitrogen products.
    Go easy on the nitrogen being as though they're in bloom.
    I had problems one after the other with organic that I just switched to General Hydro Synthetic nutes.
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    I use seabird guano for phosphorus and also steamed bone meal light top dressing and water in works well. However, I don't think you will have much benefit if any at this point in the game from top dressings as it takes a little while for your micro heard to make it a available.

    Also adding significant amounts of Nitrogen in mid to late flower is bad mojo IMO. While they don't stop needing nitrogen I think anything high in Nitrogen can cause fox tailing. Stick to lower concentrations of Nitrogen after mid flower if you feel you must. EWC is pretty safe and not crazy high in N.

    Best of wishes

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