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  1. Ok so I know I'm still got a couple more weeks anyone better than me with there experience roughly about how many more week before harvest lost count but I'm guessing there like 2to3 weeks in flowering

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  2. Invest 15 dollars into a pocket microscope. You can use it to check the trichome colour.
    You'll want to harvest when it's cloudy or when its half amber half cloudy.
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  4. Nice!! What did you yield?
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  5. 6 oz wet but when it dried it was about 3 oz and 7 grams
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  6. Whenever you harvest and you get your wet weight times the wet weight by .30 and you'll get a decent idea of what the dry yield will be... not common a plant only loses 50% of wet weight typically its around 70-80%. (Not saying it doesn't happen by any means nor am I saying OP is lying it does happen from time to time and also of course everyone prefers their buds a certain texture some like them a bit more wet and sticky some like em bone dry. Just a tip.

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  7. Got two under a 450w led (200 true watts) vegging. I plan on adding another 450w when flowering. So 400 true watts. Can I hit a QP?
  8. Yes some growers in this forum can hit 1 gpw with those lights and get 400grams lol... aim for around .5 grams so if you don't atleast hit a 150+ something probably went terribly wrong lol.. I got 78 grams off of my first plant and it spent its flowering life under a mars 300 (135W) my second plant veg'd longer and also had its own mars 300 and also has the second one to itself as well while its finishing the final few weeks. I'm hoping to get 100+ off of it. So I'm hoping for at minimum 178 grams off of my 280W grow... next grow I plan on hitting better numbers with a scrog and larger canopy.

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  9. I hope so!

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