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  1. this is my first plant (Cherry Pie). I do not know when to harvest her. When do I start flushing? Hairs are about 50/50 and she is starting to look a little sick on the fan leaves and bottom branches/buds.

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  2. You want 75 to 90. It looks like it is getting close though. You need to get a jewelry loop.

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  3. So in about another week or two? Should I flush now?
  4. You don't wanna go by the hairs , you want to go by the trichomes. Depending on your strain and the type of high you like , harvest when about 50% of your trichomes have turned amber for a couch lock ..
  5. Flushing I have been experimenting with. I'm gonna wait and flush 3 days before I flower . So my
    Plants can get the nutes it needs for as long as possible.
  6. By all means check the trichomes but also you want to wait for them pistils to recede back into the bud which is when it is tightening up. Id say another week or two yes and id start flushing with just water at least 3 tines before you chop. .. looking good though I must say :)

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