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  1. I've had this plant since the summer, August If I'm not mistaken, and a while ago it had a problem with the light schedule (now fixed) that caused all the main fan leaves to dry out and fall off
    I've noticed a slowth in growth for a long time now, is it okay to harvest it as it is or its supposed to develop some more? need tips please


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  2. Harvest when about 70 percent of the white hairs have turned amber.

    It's hard to tell with the pics you posted just follow the advice I gave you and decide for yourself.
  3. Actually, the 'amber hairs' idea was debunked long ago. We've found that for optimum effect, you will need a jeweler's loupe to see this, but wait until some of the trichomes are starting to turn amber. 20-50% amber for indicas, adds to that couch lock they give, 10-15% for sativas, to prevent TOO MUCH couchlock.
  4. careful using just the trichomes, I had a plant show amber trichomes at week 7 of flower but the pistils were still mostly white, the trichomes turned back to being cloudy, I waited for the pistils to start turning amber while waiting for the pistils my buds exploded with growth, I would have lost that growth if I would have harvested at week 7. I'm not saying the trichome theory is wrong, I just try to watch both (tris/pistils) for an indicator for harvest.
  5. By the looks of that, yes, I'd put her in 48 hours darkness to begin the process of your harvest.

    I never use a magnifying glass or any specific "rule" to harvest. I always just use my gut.

    IMO, you can tell when a piece of fruit is ripe, then you can tell when a bud is ripe. A truly ripe bud has this sort of amber glowing quality to it, its kind of unmistakeable.

    Looks like you're gonna get a decent harvest dude. Good luck.
  6. I use trichome color, pistol color and overall bud structure and appearance to judge harvesting. You don't need a jewelers loupe though. A magnifying glass works just fine. I can see trichome color with no magnification but my eyes are crazy. Not all strains will change the pistil color and se of them all of the pistils will change. It's all strain dependent. I can't tell from your pics but you know what you need to do. If you have about 90% cloudy trichs you're in the beginning of your harvest window. Harvest too late and your thc content drops significantly.
  7. keep in mind its better to harvest a few days late rather than a few days early.

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