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    Hello, should i harvest or not, dose it look ready?

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  2. Looks like the trichomes are milky but its hard to see any amber,  I harvested mine when I could see at least 6-8 amber trichomes per bud. I guess it all depends on the type of buzz you like. I dont like my medicine to put me to sleep and the more amber u see the better the chance it will.  So I guess its up to you. That buds a beauty by the way, looks like some good smoke.
  3. thanks i went and bought a 60x pocket microscope, checked the trichome all is cloudy. And 15 to 30 % amber . Is this a good time to harvest for yield and quality?
  4. Id say its prime time to harvest then. But thats opinion only.
  5. Chop, chop, chop....

    She looks great. Fat crystals and swollen calyxes. :)

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