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Harvest without killing plants??? Perpetually grow and harvest

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by 420enthusiast, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Why does harvesting have to involve killing the plant? I had a plant one time that I harvested and then put back into vegetative growth.

    Couldn't one trim the harvest, put the plant back into vegetative growth for a couple weeks, and harvest again? This seems easier to me than dealing with cloning and having another room.
  2. bump , good question.

    ive read about regeneration aswell but havent tried it and was looking for opinions of people that did . i only have 1 hps light and 1 grow area so cloning isnt really possible and i hate to have to go back to square one (seed) after harvest and wait all that time again
  3. yes you can I have one I just started to re-veg last week

    I transplanted into larger pot and replaced as much soil as I could, water well and kick lites back to 18/6

    1 week later give it a GOOD dose of nitrogen to force new growth
    3 weeks take clones

    less yield each time 3-5 times
  4. http://www.snow-white.nl/engeland/h27REGENERATION.htm

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    I can merely relay hearsay but this is my 2 cents and in some cases it came from immediate family.

    If kept alive long enough, you can end up with what is in truth a plant the size of an apple tree if grown outdoors. I've seen photos of a family member with some he found in the mountains while camping.

    Many have told me when keeping the plant alive, you can actually increase potency as generations pass. Basically grow, harvest, vegetate then for your next bloom, pollinate. Skip the next generation or two of harvests then pollinate again. Eventually you end up with a massive and incredibly healthy female that produces amazing clones and should be kept alive at all costs. Again, this came direct from family as well as several friends over the years. In one case this female reached a good 7-8 feet and was cloned to death after having survived several years of harvesting.

    Meanwhile, probably 90% of growers today are using some form of ponics, always clone or seed start and kill upon harvest so the opinions you will find on keeping plants alive will tend to claim it's pointless and the quality weakens with each yield.
    I stand by my claim though, as long as you pollinate every other yield, you will get a bigger plant, bigger yields and stronger potency as generations pass.
    Why was it cloned to death?
    Because everyone and their mother was willing to pay big bucks based on the yield and potency from the last batch of clones it had produced.

    Ever see a momma pig, momma raccoon etc?
    The more litters they have, the bigger they get and the bigger their offspring gets as they come closer to their life expectancy.
  6. You dont need to kill the plant just dont cut off the smaller lower buds and leave some fan leaves. Put the plant back on veg lighting and it will reveg and once big enough you can flower again. :bongin:
  7. thx!! im stuck indoors now with one small light,i've been wanting to hear this,always maid sence to me,8 -10 till i harvest,i'll post how my re-veg gos.got plans all ready to make seed( i prefer to start with seed)im an out door guy.im stuck in KS now....but i got Humboldt seed!!!!! talk at ya soon.....iron matt
  8. I've seen the opposite, re-veg = bigger yield, more growth time, bigger more developed root mass & stalk.

    Some strains love reveg & will take 7 days till new growth, some will take 21 & have a lack of vigor. Test the strain see how it does

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