harvest window??

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  1. Finally she's getting there. Week 9.
    Ready to flush?
    (Sorry for bad camera + I don't know how you guys can take trichomes pictures one hand on jeweller's loupe one hand holding camera how do you press button to take the picks!!??!)
    WIN_20190608_07_32_33_Pro.jpg WIN_20190608_07_33_53_Pro.jpg WIN_20190608_07_35_43_Pro.jpg WIN_20190608_07_35_35_Pro.jpg
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    WIN_20190608_08_00_01_Pro.jpg WIN_20190608_07_54_10_Pro.jpg WIN_20190608_07_59_32_Pro.jpg
  3. I’d say so.

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  4. I have to use a digital camera on a tripod. $35 on Amazon... $17 shipped from China.
    Specifically, this one;
    It attaches to a standard tripod screw.
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  5. upload_2019-6-8_8-12-40.jpeg
    Like so.
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  6. Very nice! I can really see the heads turning amber. Would you say yours are ready to harvest?
  7. It is an older photo.
    THAT plant really never turned amber... I had to SEARCH for those, on that plant.
    Methinks you would like to see ~40% amber.
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  8. heres a trichome chart to help you with harvest time/s ,,mac. when-to-harvest-cannabis-diagram.jpg

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