harvest to bho questions any advice helpfull!

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by myeden420, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. Hey guys so I was planning on using my grow tent as a drying room when they are harvested however 1 plant is early....I wanted to use the tent for drying to keep the smell in the tent. but with having to harvest 1 before the others what I think I am going to do is turn it into BHO right away....I have never done bho from fresh but have heard about it being done. I have also heard of fresh frozen..Does this sound like a good idea?..so I am wondering say I chop down the plant and I think with my current system I will need 3 runs to do the whole thing. So if I do 1 right away that will be fine. I was thinking of freezing the other 2/3rd of the plant and do those runs later....so my question really is the part that's frozen will it loose potency? or as long as it stays frozen its good to wait a couple days before finishing the rest of it?? again never done any fresh or fresh frozen so really any advice from you guys that have done it would be awesome!! just trying to figure out how to get them chopped down and dried or BHO-ed without stinking up the house!
  2. Can't you dry in the tent while the others are growing? What's your humidity?

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