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  1. hey guys I know there’s a few threads on this already but I can’t seem to find ones with the exact answers I’m looking for
    I have some bruce banner that’s not far off harvest
    What’s everyone’s suggestions to dry in? I have a small tent I use for vegging would this be okay to hang my buds in there with a fan?
    Also should I let dry for around 5 days then chuck them straight into a glass jar for a couple of weeks until they look and smell decent? And then straight into a bag?
    Any help or more tips I haven’t asked is appreciated thanks!
  2. When drying and curing humidity and Temperature plays a big role. If you dont have any thing to control humidity and temp, then you should check the humidity and temperature of your area.

    Temperatures should be around 65F-70F while humidity should stay around 60% - 63%

    Temperatures should be the same while humidity should be around 45% - 55%.

    When you cure leave your buds in a glass jar that can be sealed shut and burp (open jar for a few minutes) them atleast once a day. If your buds smell musty or seem wet (stick together) then let them dry a little longer.

    Curing should be finished anywhere between 2 weeks and a month. Even longer if you want. But after the first week of curing you can go ahead and burp them every few days.

    If you have no way to control your temperature and humidity then research the average humidity levels and temperature of your area and come back to this

    Dry area:
    just clip plant and no trimming. The extra leaves and stems will make sure your bud doesnt dry out to fast.

    Sort of humid:
    You could trim off the leaves and leave it on the stem. The stems moisture will stop them from drying to fast.

    Really humid:
    Trim everything and get your buds off of the branches and let them dry.

    If you have any extra plant matter in humid areas you run the risk on mould and bacteria growing.

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    This is what I do:

    Any dark, clean, ventilated space will work. The space doesn't have to be light tight, but darker the better.

    Wet trim:
    When you are ready to Paul Bunyan them, trim off all the fan leaves, leaving as many sugar leaves (smaller leaves protruding from bud--You can trim/shave those a little, thats fine--preference--just don't go too crazy.

    I will go through and do that for x many plants I can get done/tired of doing. But leave them un-hacked, until I'm ready to hang them. Hack em-down. Hang upside down on the lines you have previously set up. OR, cut off the branches containing the bud, and then hang those upside down--to maximize space, you can use a coat hanger(s), and have those hang off the line(s). In warm weather, try to keep them from drying too fast.

    Dry trim:

    Hack em down, hang plants/branches from the lines/coat hangers. As it dries, the leaves will cover up the bud protecting them and slowing the drying time.
    Make sure humidity wherever you dry (your tent should be fine) is not too much. Don't have the fan blowing directly on them. That will cause it to not dry properly and dry out too soon. 50% humidity---30%-50% should be ok. Make sure air circulates around the drying bud. Usually it takes 1-2 weeks (better if closer to 2 weeks) to dry. When a twig/branch snaps, it's trimming time!

    I won't go into specifics of trimming parameters, like any containers you can use to keep your trim in , trays, etc. Thats preference. But there is one VERY VERY important rule. Whether you are trimming by yourself, or with friends/family, etc. If you have someone else there helping, it is THEIR job to ensure that the bowl stay's packed at ALL times. This is paramount! If it's just you, make sure to pack the bowl and smoke away while you trim, while you are listening to music/ LISTENING to a movie (watching it and you will lose track)..pick a movie you are not too obsessive to watch. Old TV shows (star trek, Macgyver, etc) are perfect. Music Videos are too. Don't get me wrong, it's fine to look up and watch a little here and there, etc. just don't get sucked in. You have trimming (and smoking) to do.

    Once you trim the bud, put them in glass canning jars. It is a good idea to "burp" them every day for next few days, to allow fresh air to mingle in with the curing buds. The longer to cure the better. 2+ (to a month--or even longer) is ideal. After that, keep the lids on snug. Store jarred weed, in a DARK, COOL location.

    I don't like to dry/cure in bags--I've had bad luck with that. So, if your space is clean, got good ventilation, and is reasonably dark--that should be ok.


    Wet Trim:

    Pros: Bud dries faster <can be a con too>
    Less trimming when you do the final trim/manicuring
    Could help <lessen> with dealing with mites (more on that later.)

    Cons: More upfront work
    Less "trim" material to use to make hash/oils, etc.
    Weed could dry too fast

    Dry Trim:
    Pros: The extra leaves protect the bud from light/ dust/mold
    The extra material allows the drying stem/plant to dry slower, for a better smoke
    More material to make hash/oils, etc. with

    Trimming a little more tedious.
    Have to deal with having more trimmings and keeping trim area from getting too cluttered with leaves, etc. as you are manicuring.

    Sometimes, despite best efforts,and regardless of using wet/dry trim method you might find little red-spider fuckers crawling on the drying plant. It sucks.
    However; there is one silver lining. When the plant "dies" while hanging upside down, the mites like to congregate towards the top of the branch, and web up. Makes mite removal a little easier. If you notice them still on the buds, can take a shop vac, and vacuum them off. Also, you can put those yellow sticky traps on top of drying plant (the flat "stump") AND in between each plant (on the drying line), so it will keep them from moving plant to plant, and also trap them.Sometimes, if you are diligent during the growing, you won't have this issue.
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  4. Thanks heaps guys great info!
  5. Another thing to consider is edibles.
    Herb to make them needs to be dry, but not cured, so same-day-as-harvest edibles are possible.
    I frequently do this to test new herb.
    About 10 hours in a food dehydrator @ 110 F will reduce the wet weight to about 20% of its original weight, which indicates completely dry. Cut off 5 times as much weight as you'd like to test, then into the food dehydrator.

    Some easy edibles involving peanut butter, nutella, cookies, etc are possible.
    And firecrackers too.

    3 days under an air conditioning vent also works for edible makers.
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  6. When making edibles I like to water cure. It's pretty cool, leaves barely any smell or taste. If someone who doesnt know they're edibles sees them, they might mistaken it for your average treat. I had some fruity pebble rice krispies with water cured bud and I couldn't even taste the difference.

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