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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MoW, May 13, 2003.

  1. Ok. Once your babies grow up and they are ALL female and buds shooting all overthe place.
    Timing to harvest is:

    1. When the hairs turn redish brown?
    2. When the hairs turn hard?
    3. When all the palm leaves yellow and fall off?
    4. When things appear to stop growth?
    5. Any of the above?
    6. All of the above?

    At times in the past it appeared to me that when the palms fall off you kind of have a new type of leaf that is smaller with a purple color to them and things seem to stop gorwing otherthen the buds continue for a while to continue to fill out.

    My bud hairs are still white and soft and things are still filling out but i don't know if action has to be taken right away when any of the above happens I have plenty of large palm type leafs that are yellowing and faling off daily and figure when they are all gone the new little leafs will be smokable because they are so close and in some cases part ofthe bud areas.
    I have a good one going and with my timing i figure I'm 2 weeks away from harvest jsut in time to move plants from another area thats in veggy mode into flower.
    Right now It looks like I'm gonna have a decent crop but i want to make sure i don;t spoil it by harveting to soon or too late.
  2. 1. when 70-80% of those hairs turn red...(ps look at it under natural light to see the percentage, as the HPS can affect your perception of the colours..........Peace out........Sid
  3. yea, get a magnifying glass for the trichomes.
  4. where is a THC gland located?
  5. cheesus h christ, do any of you people really grow pot or are yawl just completely fried??? i posed essentially the same question like 3 days ago in another thread. i finally got one hearted response from someone today. anyone semi-literate bassterd can tell ya "harvest when 70% of the hairs turn brown, since it's written in about ever dam book ever published in the subject. i gotta give the individual who stated that ya should cut when the resin glands turn milky some credit, although it also seems like that too has been stated in every bit of literature i've read about mj cultivation.

    no, 70% of the hairs haven't turned on me plants but the resin glands on most of em are no longer clear or crystaline in appearance and many of the individual calyxes have not swelled.

    it seems to me that anyone who has taken a crop to full maturity should be able to give a lot more insight in thier answers to questions that are posed.

    ain't tryin to piss anyone off, just tryin to wake yawl up. if ya don't get it.....sue me.
  6. from what i'm gathering it sounds like a person has to weigh out all the factors involved with bud maturity, not just one particular item. starting to make sense...i guess, hehe.

    sorry 'bout the rant. first timer frustration and back to back bad days at werk.

    best wishes to all and thanks for the help.

    btw, HOLLANDERS RULE! lots of Dutch blood in me veins.
  7. bud puppy, you have to remember that myself and woody and vato, answer lots of the same questions.....day after day after day......most of which, if you give a detailed technical explination, most newbee growers will not have a clue what we are talking about.......hell a lot of them don't even know what THC is!........i'd be a millionaire if i got a pound for everytime i had to answer something like the following.......

    "what up G's??????.......me and my buddies have some seeds from some weed that was the shiznitt AND WEre gonna grow some KILLER weed......my mates say they know how....we got the black light and heat lamp on it allready....it's in a milk carton cut in two.....etc"

    hence why i replied with a general short and to the point answer, which is what you asked for by offering a list to choose from........i'm sorry but other than that the only thing i can do is come over there and have a look at it for you.....which you'll have to agree is unlikely due to diffrent countries.........but hey, you appologised, and that's good.......just ignore me, i'm having one of those days as well.......good luck with harvesting and drying, can you post some pics??..........Peace out........Sid

  8. Every person in this thread has posted pictures of their plants before...if you took some pictures it'd be a lot easier on else to help you out.

    You need to chill out and relax man, or else I'll have to call my lawyer...most of the people that are willing enough to answer questions aren't able to be here as often as they like.
  9. LOL, i hear ya fellers. yawl handled my bs better 'n i woulda. "fluck you AND yer batch 'o flouro fluffs!" was prolly more in order, hehe.

    sure wish i could post some pics but can't access a digital camera and any means i do have available would compromise me security. planted seeds from ten different kinds of weed. ended up with female buds from 9 different kinds of dope. dark flowers, light lime colored flowers, white hairs, pearlescent green hairs, pink hairs, even a few purple ones. one nice girl even has a lavender tinge as i glance over at it.

    i sincerely appreciate any info i've gotten from you guys and sincerely appologize for the bs i threw yer way.

    take are all.
  10. I inspected the plants very closely and came across the crystals on the leafs.

    It is kind of looking for a STAR formation in the night sky. Once you have seen it you know what you are looking for. But to find it for the first time is the ricky stuff.

    I had to use reading glasses with a 6" magnifing glass to see them at first but once I knew what I was looking for I could make them out with just the reading glasses.

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