Harvest Timeline Opinions!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Purple16, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Here's a few pics from my current grow!! Just curious on opinions on time til harvest :) They don't seem quite ready yet...all the pics are 1 plant.

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  2. Idk about an exact time but I would say still 4 weeks man. All the hairs that are still white need to turn orange and curl in. To the buds. That's just a guess on time btw sometimes the change faster than others.
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  3. At least 4 weeks to go. I don't count from flip I count from the start of first signs of flowers

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  4. Thanks guys, I'm still pretty new to this. I have a lot of outside distractions that prevent me from being able to really focus on growing the way I want. I can't wait til the kids get older and I have a little more time to focus on these plants!!
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  5. basically your adding 2 weeks to the 8 weeks they say it takes . it works for you and for a lot of them . most strands it does take 2 weeks longer then what they say .
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  6. It never made sense to count the time before the plant actually starts growing flowers. If the time the breeder is stating is when they are fully mature it should start when the plant has a flower.

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