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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by L i L K u B B s, May 2, 2006.

  1. Okay well I pulled my plant out of the ground on friday and it has basically been hanging in the dark since.. except for when I've opened the door to check the dryness or cut leaves off..

    My problem is it doesnt smell like weed really.. I figured with this many days drying it would already stink... the plant is tiny too.. no more than an OZ of bud... illb e lucky if its that.. The weed seems reallllyy dry already too.. I heard somtimes it might take two weeks to dry but mine hasnt even been going a week and seems done?? Am I mistaken or can some plants just dry quicker??

    Any help would be appreciated.. I just dont want this grow to have been a total waste :-/
  2. a smaller plant would prolly take less time to dry.

    its pretty easy to tell when buds are done dryin
  3. if the stems snap, they are dry.

    if not, they aren't.

    how about some pics?
  4. I can give pics tonight... the stalks dont snap.. but the buds seem realllly dried out.. I pulled one off and tried to smoke a bowl and it just crumbled into dust basically... if i leave it in an airtight jar you think it might give it a better smell??
  5. Wait until the stems snap. This will make it easier to pull off the stem when the time comes. Smell or lack thereof is probably due to the strain and amount. Curing it will make it smell and taste fine. How did it smoke? If you got high mission accomplished.

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