Harvest time?

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  1. They both got pollinated late. :( it’s seedy

    00E8E3CE-DBD3-4F43-8167-EE213D84C521.jpeg 3E5F7D3D-37C0-4BCE-8A9D-2563DD4CECDC.jpeg

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  2. Sucks about pollination....

    Are you able to check the trichs up close?
  3. Not until I buy a pocket loupe lol
  4. Yeah, I dont grow outdoors so I dont know the solar "time table" you have....

    Where do you live?
  5. These are autos and on day 71 tangerine dream from growers choice
  6. If they are autos look up there grow info but im pretty sure shes really close to harvest
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  7. I agree with Kblacka
  8. There is a member on here that did a grow journal on Tangerine Dream auto from growers choice. They turned out awsome but they took as long as a pheno and went 100 days before any amber tricks showed up. His grow was frosty as hell at 100 days. Search up Tangerine Dream on this site and you should be able to find it. It was a 9 page thread.
  9. Dont see any nanners. You sure they are not just swollen calyxes?
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  10. Yeah I'm not sure that I see seeds

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  11. I’d say so lol I’m getting my pocket loupe today to see color of trichomes and report back

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  12. :frown: well crap there goes the swollen calyx theory. Was it just one of your plants or all of them?
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  13. Got 2 TD same age almost done that were pollinated. Have 1 Critical purple same age that just started flowering. Hope it doesn’t get pollinated. Picture attached. I call her the Xmas tree. Hope she bears good gifts.


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  14. Like i said before in other post when you started growing these, damn good job growing outdoors for your first time trying to grow outdoors even with unfortunate outcome of the seeds. Your plants always look healthy.
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  15. Appreciate it. Learned a lot from this site and research. Must be doing something right.

  16. Even with the seed it still might be real potent and on the bright side u have a lot of FREE seeds
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  17. I just cut off a bud to check. And I swear there are no buds to be found. It’s all seeds

    :( very disappointed. Beer me

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  18. What strain are you growing and are you willing to give up a seed or 2?
  19. 1E044DAC-9B00-4FE9-9285-52E924E307D6.jpeg

    So this is my Xmas tree. Is this signs of early pollination as well??? Wtf is going on.

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