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Harvest time(?)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ffinger, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Most of my plants seem to need a week or two but it's been humid and I've already had to dispose of buds due to rot setting in...that said, this one looks ready to me and I'm anxious to get it inside to dry. Does it look close enough to IMG_20180914_114121937_HDR.jpg IMG_20180914_113632111_HDR.jpg IMG_20180914_113555548_HDR.jpg you folks to warrant cutting it down?
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  2. My opinion goes like this : it’s a good looking plant and its frosty, which could obviously use a little more time; but since the possibility of mold or rot is increased in your circumstances I’d say go for it and harvest it if you feel it’s necessary.

    Safe is less sorry.

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  3. ^^ agreed
  4. It looks like it needs a couple more weeks.
    Isn't there a way of being proactive in controlling mold?
    Maybe spraying diluted hydrogen peroxide every couple days?
  5. Well, I have two days of sun before the hurricane remnant thunderstorms smack them up again. I think I'll let her have the two days and then harvest. If it's "close enough" I'll accept slightly weaker bud rather than risk rot hitting the big colas. I only have two plants from this strain and they seem to be way more susceptible than the others.

    My main batch needs multiple weeks to be near ready. I'm just nipping any rot I find in the bud (heh.) So that it doesn't spread too much.
    I was hoping just keeping on top of the rot will mean minimal losses overall, I haven't been spraying anything, just plucking off anything that looks funky. Thank you much for the replies IMG_20180914_134320938_HDR.jpg

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