Harvest Time?

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  1. 67 days into flower
    Sour Diesel
    First Sample
    8g wet
    3.5 inches
    Trichomes clear to cloudy
    Pistols see Photo

    I'm a bit confused about when to harvest.
    I'm told that it is either when the pistols are mostly red as they seem to be here
    and that the Trichs should be cloudy with some amber which I have no amber trichs here.

    Can anyone judge clearly from the photo whether this plant is ready?

  2. Looks on the young side to me. I'd give it some time. I go by trich color with cloudy and some amber. Looks pretty though, nice work.
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  3. Diesel's tend to be a long running plant. I think you have at least 3 weeks before it is ready. I hope this helps
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  4. Diesel tested out 8% THC and Critical 10%.

    What do you do with low thc stuff like this?

    I love the smoke, tastes great and gets me high but I'm lightweight and the stuff will go bad before I ever get through it all.
  5. Go for the thrih color man.
    Also if u think is too much for u just put some in the freezer and unfreeze in half a year or so and dry out, just make sure that it doesen't get too wet in the freezer and its good deep frozen.
  6. If the buds tested 8% at 67 days, this should tell you that the plant is not mature. Clear trichs are not psychoactive. Of course, potency can depend on a few other factors.
  7. All marijuana plants have harvesting windows (time period where their ready to harvest)
    Some are longer than others
    Only way too make sure you get what you like is buying a loop or x30 magnifier (a jewelers loop is perfect £10 eBay )
    Your looking at the trichomes whereas back 25+ yrs ago you'd just make sure 70%+ of the pistols were brown before saying its ready but today you get a loop & through a little time & experience you'll know exactly the point of harvest that satisfies your smoking needs.
    I personally prefer milky-amber before I harvest as I prefer a heavy stone but everyone to their own

    And you asked so I'll give you my opinion going by the pic , Yes she's ready to harvest now but could still go another week- 10 days.
    your choice!

    Hope this helps
    lovely looking bud , nicely trimmed
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  8. I did 77 days before stopping it. The trichs were mostly cloudy and the yield was right about 1g/w but there was some heat stress for a couple of weeks unchecked and the buds developed seed like pods that easily disintegrate and some finger like protrusions that got more pronounced the closer to the light.

    Also thanks for the kudos.

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    Did you test it without a cure? Bud can increase in potency with a proper cure.

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
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