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  1. first BIG thanks to everyone for helping me keep my cool with the cat problem I had...now...my 2nd girl has grown a she is doing great, completely surpassed my expectations.  she seems to still be producing white hairs, but I feel like the time to harvest is soon...maybe today?  it is very moist here in the mornings, dropping to 50degrees as night and a high of 88 in the daytime.  still plenty of sun in my garden too.  wondering if it is good to harvest now as she is free of pests (except the ants, cant figure out what they are doing, but no aphids around and no caterpillars either :) and the buds look good.  they have definitely plumped up in the past few weeks, and I only have a 20x loop to check the trichomes, so I ask for your help and expertise on this one!  Here are some pics from this morning...any thoughts would be appreciated!


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  2. What do the trichomes look like? Those pistils still have sunken down in to the bud and turned orange/dark brown. You want to wait until most of them are at this stage and then the calyxes are going to continue to swell. Believe it or not those buds can probably double in weight over the next two weeks and you can still have a good window to harvest based on the trichomes, before you go deep into senescence.
  3. thanks MD! I was feeling she can go another week...thing is, I cut off the little bit of fertilizer I was giving about a month ago because I thought she would ready by now, and I have been taking the yellowing leaves off because I thought she wouldnt need them much longer...i guess I wait
  4. How to you get it so big like that? Do you let it veg for a good while?

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