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  1. My 3 plants look good, about 50% of the hairs have turned brown/orange and when viewed under magnification the resin has a type of mushroom shape. Everything looks ready to harvest, but, they have only been flowering for 5 weeks.
    What should i do? Chop now or wait a week ?
    I read somewhere that if you harvest earlier you dont get a heavy couchlock stone?

  2. Unless you have a highX magnifier to examine the resin development to be able to time - according to the high your looking for, which from your post im assuming is a couchlock high.. - when to harvest is determined, from the percentage of pistils that are brown... they say harvest when 75% of your pistils turn brown, and that two weeks before harvesting to cease all fertilizing and to water with plain water (i would say distilled, as water is charged to grab what it does not contain)to flush chemicals out. And to stop all watering one week before harvest. so the calls really on you as you know what percentage is turning colors each week, to estimate when that 75 percent mark will be reached and so you can determine when to cut back on the feeding and watering.

    according to overgrow

    lighted magnifiers are suggested to moniter the looks of the resin to enable you to tell when the desired effect of the thc levels are reached before harvesting.

    hope this helps, wish you good chaos on the reults.(i love that)

    take care.
  3. chop one each week? then you will be able to taste test your preferences for future grows, unless you plan to sell, then wait until fully mature as they will be at their heaviest then.
  4. What if you only have one plant in flowering..like me? lol, can i pick one flower off each week... please?

  5. havent taken anything off it yet, so i will enlongate this just a bit longer till its ALL finished...lol

  6. Do you just remove buds or cut the whole thing down?
    Will they continue to grow? If so for how long?

    Do you pinch them when they are small to make the main branches split?

    Do I have to start over every time harvest time is over?
  7. overgrow.com/faq

    look up second harvest. there is a way to harvest your bud and stick your plant back under the light to veg it out and bud again, not familiar with this procedure myself.

    if you pinch out the small growing leaves from the top of the plant the plant will split, perhaps into many new tops, if you actually cut the top of the plant just above a fairly new internode (where 2 petioles -which are the stems of the fan leaves - meet the stem) than the two axials (the growth from between the petioles and the main stem) will become your new tops... also see fimming on overgrow.

    when you harvest you cut the plant where it meets the soil, and go fro there, with this method yes, youll have to start all over... taking clones of the plant are another option over starting from seed as your guaranteed female plants if clones were taken from such.

    take care.
  8. what if you are going to harvest and at that time there are leaves you could take to clone? are you saying the clones will not root.. or that its just not advisable to wound the plant while shes already stressed enough? Im guessing you mean the latter.



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