Harvest Time!!! Woo Hoo !!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by pooldude, Nov 7, 2002.

  1. damn i can finally be done with this shit..this was my first hydro and i should have used better seeds..i used a old mix of bag seeds from pot i can't remember...i started out with 10 plants ended up with 2. the one plant had huge buds...but were very airy...and one plant that produced the stickyest buds iv'e ever grown..looks
    like they were dipped in honey...yummie! i had 6 plants come up male and 1 herm...FUCK!!!..therefore next time i'm gonna order some feminized seeds from seeds direct...anyone know who might have top 44 femanized seeds...or maybe northern lights feminized...thanks....P.S...IF ANY YOU GUYS BUILT AND ARE USING THAT PVC 11 PLANT EB AND FLOW SYSTEM...don't let your plants go over a foot before flowering..they will get root bound....even using geolite..sorry about the caps i tossed a bud in the microwave for a buzz test...guess it's good shit!!!
  2. im happy for u that harvest came in sux that u had mostly malls well atlest u get to smoke some good hydro lol
  3. I know this girl could use some feminization, but...

    whats the story with seeds? how do they produce female seeds?

    oh yes, congrats on the grow... its better than nothing. perhaps the honey dipped will make up for the loss anyway.. (?)

    take care.

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