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Harvest time ? been 6-7 weeks already

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by deltaops33, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. She looks really good and has a sweet smell. been about 6-7 weeks now and 80 % are brown hairs. time to harvest? (looking for sativa high). 


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  2. i'd let it go a little bit longer. let those buds fill in a bit more. unless ur going by trics it is hard to tell. 6-7 weeks seems short.
    great looking plant though
  3. If you mean 80% amber trichomes, then it will not be a sativa high. It looks like it was grown outdoors and is perhaps an early flowerer. Flower season usually starts around Aug 1. Its been only 6 weeks. But if you know how to trike your plants with a jeweler's loop then I suggest waiting till after sept 21. But then again, it could be ready now! It looks like it may be ready.
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    You guessed right.she is an outdoor plant and  i manipulated the amount of sunlight she gets with shade vs no shade as the sun sets across the day. I have limited resources and i dont have a 420 scope to look at trichomes. I was saying that the pistils are 80% brown, and are starting to recede. And she has a nice strong sweet smell, maybe even like cat piss. Its strangely strong smell. I have really good eye vision and you guys may think im bs for judging but most of the trichomes look milky/clear. only the very top of the plant is where i see red, brown trichomes. So maybe a few weeks longer? 
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    And im not sure why but the buds are starting to turn purple from inside out. Maybe its genetics? because im not giving it ice water or changing any variables in my grow. nothing but timid water (not tap water)
    could be a deficiency or colder weather at night that causes the purple.
    I'd let them go till they fill in a bit more.. let those leaves yellow up a bit..
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    that could be resin building up (mine is doing this as well atm) as the plant knows she is dying so begins to make a last ditch effort to catch pollen. i'd say do a few days flush and if you feel good about it then chop
  9. Thank you.  I've been scratching my head trying to put a word on that smell.
  10. Well. to be honest. im cutting about 3-4 yellow leaves off every morning i go out to check my plant. And i only cut the leaves when its basically 100% yellow  lol. The leaves are certainly yellowing ill tell you that.
  11. Ive smelt weed like this before and it was chronic . Thats why im excited  :D
  12. Ill be honest. what is flushing. (this is my first grow btw.)
  13. don't cut them off. let them die naturally then pluck off. they are feeding ur buds.
  14. That looks done to me. Usually the bud will resemble something smokable when its ready for harvest. And that looks like itnhas almost no white hairs and the pistils have receeded intobthe calayxs. The pics aren't verybhigh quality but mt nbest eye says its time to chop
  15. this thread will help a lot with harvesting overall. flushing is when you feed nothing but water to allow the plant to use up any nutrients you may have been feeding it. recommended 5-7 days before harvest.
  16. @[member="TheAnswer121"] . Thanks, i learned something new today about the yellowing! & i've stopped giving it food about a week ago so i guess im on the right track :D  . Ill give it a couple more weeks and then ill update another post, maybe with trichomes in it as well
  17. I'd give it another week and then chop her down

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  18. So Guys, its been 3 days after i posted this. i see no change or swelling occurring . Im really believing that my plant will not grow anymore, i think its ready to chop. 
    For your future grows, try to stay away from using this technique.  As long as the sun is up (regardless if its in the shade or not) there are still photons hitting your plant which indicate to it that the photoperiod (time the sun is up) is still active (cause photons don't just go straight down and get absorbed by the ground, the refract off of different surfaces and go in all directions).  The only way you can actually control your lighting is to have an indoor grow, and in that case it would need to be so dark that you couldn't see your hand in front of your face.  
    Depending on the type of high you want is how you're going to judge when to harvest.  If you want your plant to produce a more of a head high effect, you're going to harvest early when most of the pistils have turned amber (yet some may still be white, as plants could continue to shoot out new pistils til the end of the season), but if you want more of a body high wait until you start seeing most of the pistils receed and the calyxs swell.  This is the best way to tell without a microscope. 

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