HARVEST TIME! (.....Aphids?)

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    So I started harvest last night!

    I decided to do it outdoors this time, since harvesting the crop in the bedroom I grew it was terrible for everyone else in the house.

    I began last night, and got about halfway through harvesting before accidentally snipping my fingertip and needing to pack up for the night. The Plants, which spent ~4 months indoors, were left out overnight, and mostly through the day today. Altogether, about 22 hours of outdoor exposure.
    (The collapsed girl on the right just had her support strings cut strings cut).

    Going through these buds now, I'm occasionally finding these tiny little black, speck-sized bugs. I assume they're aphids. What do you think?
    Sat Aug 17 17-40-36.jpg
    Sat Aug 17 17-42-24.jpg
  2. Hope ur fingers good
  3. So do you pull them out here or is the assumption that they're full of THC goodness? Maybe the bugs convert it into 11-hydroxy too?
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  4. That dont look like no aphid ive ever seen. Looks more like some dumb gnat or fly looking thing

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  5. Nah, I can do that on my own ;)
  6. It's a fly !!!!!!
  7. Yeah, I took some pictures while my finger was bleeding lol. In the time it took my Galaxy S8 to flash, focus, and then flash/picture, I bled this much.
    All in all, we had to wash the blood off of the sidewalk with a hose. I probably should have gone for a stitch or two, but you know...harvest, right? I finished the next morning.

    All in all, grow went good. Cure just finished; got about 8oz of good smoking bud and another 10+ oz of cookable bud.
  8. im almost 100 % sure that is Aedes-albopictus egyptian mosquitoes aka " ankle biters " their sting leaves a nasty welt that is itch as anything ive ever been bit by . They been spreading across the US

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