Harvest Then Freeze Before Hang Dry? Help

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  1. Hi fellow tokers,
    I'm in a bit of a pickle. My outdoor GSC plants are beautiful but they are taking their sweet time, as usual. They are shifting from clear to cloudy and I think they need at least another week before harvest. Problem is that I need to leave in a week for a business trip for 10 days. Even if I harvested them today, which is way too early, I don't know if they'd be dry enough to jar in a week. Even if they are dry enough to jar, I don't want to jar and leave them for 10 days without airing them out everyday. I'd be afraid of mold. 
    So I need a pause button of sorts. If I wait 6 days and chop them, can I freeze them or something till I get back????? The girls look amazing and I want them to get their full potential. My Sativa plants already went to shit so these are all I have left. This is my first outdoor grow and I think I'll stick to indoor FNO. 
    No, I don't have anyone that can budsit for me. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks


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  2. Harvest when you get back?

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  3. Chop before you go and leave them to hang for 10 days. With a dehumidifier and a filter I can get away with a 7 day dry time and then bag or jar em up.

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  4. You mean a humidifier...right? The curing process stops if humidity gets below 50%.
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    Little late now but yea, pick and hang whole.  Usually takes at least 10 days to dry.  Even if they overdry it still wont be a total loss.  Please let us know what you did and how it turned out.

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