harvest soon?

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  1. i keep going back and forth debating with myself if i wanna harvest this yet or not.
    its been 65 days today sence the first hair.

    so what do you all think about it being harvested tomorrow?



  2. i used photoshop on these to bring down the brightness a bit.
    make it a little easier too see

    pic1 edit.jpg

    pic2 edit.jpg

    pic3 edit.jpg
  3. it kinda looks like the majority is clear and amber... seems kinda weird sense it should be more cloudy and amber than clear...
  4. Pull it
  5. Thanks you sir, pulled her 15 minutes ago.
  6. I'd say wait another 5-7 days..
  7. I've read somewhere that some genetics don't get very cloudy and stay rather clear because if you notice the pictures even the amber ones are kind of clear.
  8. It really comes down to knowing the plant. Different strains will show in different respects. Tricimbs/calyx swell/pistol change ...these are all just indicators that we are near ...There are too many variables to say x will always be x. I.e. genetics/environment/etc.

    I grow out strains a few times to give them a fair shake. Only the best get to stay in my mother room though. I might run a plant three times and just decide its to finicky to keep. Variety is nice but consistency is what I look for.

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