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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bob_barker, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. Hi everyone, well i just harvested about 4 plants that were grown indoors and i wanna know how do i get the buds denser, wtihout that homegrown fluffyness or taste.....This was my first indoor grow, just got a 600w hps so i started with bagseed....

    Oh and also will an indoor space heater hurt the buds....its really close to the buds but not directly at them, and it keeps my temp up also......(temps at about 90-100f)
  2. only way l know to get dense buds is to grow em that way :D

    sorry :D
  3. not quite following your post, did you flower and veg under the 600? or do you have the 600 for the next round?
  4. yeah i think a heater will hurt your plant man...a mate had one on in his room over night...mutsa been near his plant...he woke up in ht emorning and looked at his plant and it dried alot of the leaves and killed his clone...so i wouldnt put a heater on them...
  5. heat very bad for drying buds.

    slow, cool, dark, 50% humid, 2 weeks, 3 week cure = good bud.
  6. Thanks for the posts guys.....if you dont know what im saying about the density or the homegrown "fluff" i guess i figured it out lol......dealers brick their weed and i dont.....that is why its always different when i grow it at home and buy it from a dealer.......and about the stran giving different bud char....well i only get good seeds like bluberry or white widow on a very rare ocasion.....as i obviously live in the states and dont have any way of ordering good seeds.....damn wish i did tho lol.....

    And froggy thanks for that harvest info ill do that this grow...mabey ill post pics too.....
  7. I deffinetly want to post pics but im short on cash and I need a digi cam...I kinda wanted to do a journal...ahh well im getting paid next week mabey then ill finally break down and spend the money...

  8. Uhm no this is not true, In my country (Holland) you have something called PK 13/14 and this will make you're buds denser and harder. So you could try that.
  9. Interesting....pk 13/14....Looks like im gonna have to search google to get some info on that stuff....thanks....I wonder if that pk is standing for the p-k in n-p-k.....lol if that makes sense....But as far as drying the buds, I dried them in my attic with a bowl of ice water next to them to keep the humidity up....They were dried then at about 70-80 farenheit for about 1 1/2 weeks.....The other 1/2 was unfortinatley done with the heater.....They were also cured for about 2 weeks.....couldnt wait one more week :)
  10. yes the P/K does stand for the pk in n-p-k anyway.

    here's a picture of the stuff that i use

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