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  1. I've still got about a month but I would like to have everything ready for harvest, last time my girls ended up strung across the kitchen drying, all around not a great situation..... so I was wondering what is a tried and true method for drying ? Curing seems pretty straightforward, stick mostly dried buds in jars and burp them as needed, checking for excess moisture and mold. But drying there seems to be a 1000 different opinions, I'm just looking for a simple drying method, that will let me taste and feel all of the work put into these girls....... grow on! Peace!
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  3. Thanks man, that is very helpful! I've read about the paper bags, and will be doing this. In my area I have an issue with very high humidity. So my buds wont be drying out to fast, kinda the opposite I'm very worried about mold. The last grow that I did one of my main buds had a white fluffy mold all throughout. It about killed me to pitch that shit, but I'm not going to use it either. So yeah I'm very sceptical when it comes to trying to keep the humidity up, but I get that it needs to be done this way.

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