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  1. When i read that 70% of pistils have turned brown, is that 70% of the whole plant or 70% of each one?
    My question is that because the top half of my plant is looking done, but the smaller ones below have a little way to go. Can i just cut my stem in half and dry the top half? or would i have to just select the buds that are done and harvest them individually?

    its been flowering for about 30 days.. its defintely got some health problems but its so close to the end im still excited.

    thanks in advance. :hello:

    Oh yeah, as you see in the pics, your probably like wtf is that white crap. im wondering that too. I sprayed some organic fungicide about a week ago and it left white spots everywhere as it dried... it washes off with water but i dont think its suposed to be there. :confused:

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  2. i think the white stuff ur refering to is the crystal and ummm those are good, ya u can harvest the top of the plant and let the buttom buds grow a little longer. ur plant is purdy.
  3. you cant see it that good in thosae pics but there is a residue from the fungicide left on the leaves
  4. The best way to tell if it is ready is to take a piece off and look at the trichs under the microscope. The 70%-30% hair ratio is not fabulously reliable. At 30 days I would say you have a few weeks to go because I no of no strain that ripens that quickly. By the way, what strain is it?
  5. i dont know the exact strain... all i know is that its bagseed from a strain that has been growing outside in the mountans in new england for 10+ years, grown by a friend.
  6. Ditto. Radio Shack has a great deal on a little pocket microscope for $8, it is being discontinued so get 'em while they last. When looking of the trichs take a tiny snip and look at it away from your grow light under just regular light, in particular HPS can alter those colors.
  7. i see the trichs and the "white crap". looks like mold or something. do you have a fan in there?. looks good though man.
  8. Hey,
    I agree w/smknVTEC. The hairs are not a reliable gage of maturity of the whole plant. Look at the trichomes under a microscope or powerful magnifying glass. The trichomes will turn from a white/clear color to amber and the head of the trichome will start to droop over. When this happens to a majority of the trichomes The THC is at it's highest level. TIME TO HARVEST !!!!!

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