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    High GC! I have some WW plants that are hitting week 8 of flower in 24 hours. I checked the tichs today and they are still a bit cloudy and a few amber ones here and there, so I assume they should be done (50%cloudy and 50% amber) in a few days correct?

    Also, Would it be ok to maybe leave them for 6 days from today and then harvest? (I will have family visiting till then and cant harvest around them) The total time would be one day short of nine weeks. Would I loose any potency buy pushing it a few days??
    This is my first grow...How do they look?.I got some bud shots below as well. Enjoy:D

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  2. Yea you can harvest anytime you want now 6 more days will only make them a little more stoney.
  3. OK, thanks. Sounds good. I just didnt want to miss my window, since this is my first time harvesting.
  4. You could let it go another 6-8 days no prob. Shes still got a few days left in her, let some more of the hairs change color.
  5. 10-4. thanks for the post!
  6. beautiful plants tommy

  7. thanks DTP. Cant wait till my 2nd grow when i can apply my mistakes learned and try it again:hello:
  8. dude, nice! round of aplause for you lol, your buds look great. ya you can still wait a bit to chop 'er down. so did you already begin the flushing?
  9. Thanks Blazer! I'm pretty happy for my first time man. this is all still new. as far as the flushing goes, Yes, I started it about 2 to 3 weeks ago. I hope it wasnt too soon. 3 of my WW still got a good bit of green, 1 of them is very yellow and it does not have as may brown hairs on the buds as the rest of the plants.
  10. pretty sick looking buds there, i would say wait a few days anyway, until more of the hairs change color :)
  11. Hi all, I have been growing WW and WRussian. I try and let them go until 10 weeks. Much more stoney high. I start flushing a few days before harvest. I grow hydroponically.
  12. yeah ide let em go another week or so, let them hairs turn some more brown
  13. i also need some pointers ne body?...im not sure when to go harvest them..i got a couple of pictures ....any tips?

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