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  1. Alright guys and gals we are nearing harvest! Only thing is, idkwtf I’m doing... what do I need for a successful harvest? Here are some things I have plans on buying. What’s not in the pics is a humidifier and dehumidifier, tent and fans, I’ll be using my 2x4 tent to dry. I also have a dozen small jars, but hopefully I’ll need more lol

    I cut some sample buds, not just to smoke (which wasn’t good because them shits were nowhere near ready) but also to practice drying and curing. I think I did alright. Small samples weighing 8.8g each, one wet trimmed one dry. Dried in a kool aid pitcher @ around 65% humidity. Sample buds took 3 days to get a good snap with some fibers still hanging on. The smell at that point wasn’t like hay or grass. But it didn’t smell like finished weed either. They went in the jar last night and that smell is still there but either I’m tripping or it’s fading slowly and what I think is the actual smell is coming on. But the smell of MY weed burning. Wow. That shit smells good. Now it’s in the jar peaking at 65% Rh before I crack it open to get it down to 60%. The buds hardened up crazy. They were feeling dry but I guess they did their thing in the jar and evened out. The samples were taken from the lowest parts of two plants before trichomes were even a majority cloudy lol. But we’ll see what the next week or so brings before I plan to flush these two. Considering allowing them to go until mid June and allowing them to be my heavier hitting batches and my other 3 WWA be more evened out at that 10% clear 70% cloudy 20% amber mark.

    Anyway here’s what I have planned, any suggestions on anything, Rh temp all of it, lmk.

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  2. Sypha is right, simplify it.
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  3. It's a hobby and we play!

    I have a stainless steel drying rack, with 'clothes pins' that I felt was terribly clever;

    The rest of the gear looks right for a hobbyist. I've used everything but the humidistat (?)... and I found the hydrating packets to be very tricky; I had to dry my product AFTER the humidity packs; no one could roll a number... too moist.The humidity indicators are unnecessary, but would be fun to look at, daily.
    Glass mason jars are wonderful for moderating moisture.
    Have fun !
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  4. I like the hydrometer/thermostat is nice. It gives me a indicator when to burp the jar.
  5. But isn't that the purpose of the tiny RH indicators that you drop into each jar?

    I'd have guessed that he (?) was planning on using it to read the humidity before harvesting nugs.
  6. Oh my bad thought that we were talking about the mini meters the whole time.. hahahaha
    Now I see what that thing is but its weird to me because most de/humidifiers have built in gauges like this.
  7. I looked them up; they are apparently designed to operate both humidifier and dehumidifier... and I see the logic...
    if you have the need.
  8. Oh... this looks like one of my mis-reads; sorry.
  9. I used a 2x4 tent to dry once and went all fancy with the equipment. Long story short i ended up drying the buds waaay to fast. I use an extra closet now to dry in. Hung a dry rack up and threw my carbon filter exhausting into the attic. the negative pressure creates a passive cooling affect on the buds by pulling air from outside closet at the bottom up through the rack, allowing them to dry much slower. My closet temp is right at 70 degrees and humidity stays around 60%.

    i agree with the "keep it simple" idea. Rather than complicate my attempts to stabilize the environment in the tent, I found an environment more suitable for my needs and I kept it simple.
  10. Haha I actually remember that photo. You’d harvested not long after I’d joined!
    Yeah that controller is to run both, but it will essentially run whatever you have connected. I’ll run a splitter and have the dehumidifier and exhaust and intake fans all running at the same time to be able to rapid bring Rh down if need be. My dehumidifier is brand new in the box, so it’s untested and will not.
    My humidity is pretty constant at 30% 60% when there’s a rainstorm. It is the rainy season.
    I know all of this shit is extra, but I’m afraid, so I feel like creating the optimal environment there less chance of me fucking it up. I don’t know how to maintain Rh without the help of equipment. Well I know I can lower it by moving air, but as for raising it if it got too low, no clue lol and it’s more practice. I plan on harvesting at bare minimum 2 4x8 tents with a planned 4 pounds each! So I gotta get this down pat.

    How would I go about raising humidity with spending extra money. I have string I can hang with, so that’ll eliminate the drying rack.
    That’s dope although I’m no fan of those laundry bag style drying racks. And my closet is inaccessible lol. I’m looking at drying 1+ pound on my first go so I’m not winging shit. And there’s no easier way to control an environment than with environment controllers. I’m not looking for automation, but I am looking to decrease the odds of user error. The only thing I want to do is bend stems lol
    I know y’all are right, I know I don’t need these things. I definitely dried my two test in a koolaid jug, granted, it was storming outside the last several days so Rh was up near 60. But I’m going into the summer with 3 more harvests to come by the end of July! Thanks for your time y’all. Fr.
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  11. A66FA5B6-62B2-4D2B-B67C-EF7BE893CCD5.jpeg Tryna snatch a pound out of these 5! Not the small ones.
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