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  1. Another grow under the belt, and I'm still learning. Took off about 2/3 of my girl four days ago and its all dry now. Gonna start the cure, but I figured I had to get some pics up first. This came out to 30.2g dried.

    The last two are what's left on my plant. Hopefully get another 15 grams.

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  2. sweeet dude..thats some sick shit, i wishi had that haha..
  3. Nice grow.
  4. Nice lookin buds man.
  5. lucky mother fooking lucky ass twat lol what sort of lighting etc wer your plant under
  6. niiiiiiiiiiiiice. yum dude.
  7. What strain are u growing, and what type of lighting are you using? The bud in your finger looks to be a bit airy. Just curios if it was the strain or the lighting

    Looks good so far> I know Id love a harvest like that. good luck with the rest of her
  8. Looking good Ganj!
    They turned out real nice at about 1.5 oz per plant. That's a great grow man. Enjoy the smoke.
  9. After all the shit I went through with her, I'm suprised I got as much as I did. I was under a 250w hps and its some no name bag seed of middies I had. One of my fellow growers was looking at my hydro setup and left my bubble bucket top off. Long story short, I had some root rot and algae growing. That's why the buds are so wispy.

    Eh, I'm happy with it though. Can't be mad with an ounce and a half :smoking: .
  10. nice grow
  11. sweet. and in another 2 wks. those bottom buds will be ready,,, and youll be doing it all over again.......i am so close to my own harvest date, that looking at all youlls harvest.

    i just left '' abliva spade'' harvest, and was a little depressed, and then you SHOW me this. aaarrrrgggghhhhh, were counting days now, not weeks.

    just messing with you. i aint in no hurry. but those pics. dont help.

    nice pickings......:)
  12. Hell NO can't complain or be mad with that yield or that size plant. After all you been through with her I'm glad you were able to bring her to harvest.
  13. Those pics don't look like the result of luck to me, looks like some good work, sweating the details, and using his noodle.

    Great job man, enjoy.
  14. Final weight is in! 53.6g dried and cut bud. muahahahaha

    Ill get some pics of it in their jars later.

    thanks goes out to everyone that helped me with that damned root rot and algae.

    edit: the first jar close up is everything that I cut off the bottom. The second close up is just the top of my girl that I had already dried. The bag was old stuff too.

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  15. Nice. However, those jars in the close-ups look a little too full. Fill them three-quarters loosely to let them breathe and discourage mold.
  16. Looking VERY nice. I hope to be as lucky, but I got another couple months before I'm done with the flowering/budding on my first grow. Your success is encouraging!:smoke:
  17. 1.89 ounces per plant. Ganja, you are a stud. Glad we were able to help.
  18. hey dude did you top or fim and if you did what week did you do it cause the flowering pics look real sexy :p
  19. Topped once, and I fimmed about four times. Topped for the first time at 2.5 weeks and fimmed 4 times at 3.5 weeks. I put her into flowering at 6 weeks, and it took 9 or so weeks to flower.

    I also had to do a lot of lst because I had top everywhere :D.

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