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  1. Hey GC,

    Thought I would share a couple pics from my first grow attempt. These are of the trimmed bud from my HGS White Russian. Grown from seed, indoors in soil, 400w MH and HPS. The soil was Promix-HP which I amended (lightly) with bone meal, blood meal, kelp meal, worm castings, dolomite lime, and epsom salts. For ferts I used Pureblend Pro Grow, and Bloom. I also used Cal-Mag throughout, and some molasses during the final 2 weeks. I only had the one White Russian, but I also grew two Nirvana K-2's which both yielded about 25% to 30% more than this one. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of those buds yet. I had help trimming yesterday and those got hung up before I had a chance to get any pictures. I'll get a couple when I get ready to put them in jars though.

    Overall, I'm pretty happy with my results, but now for my question. This White Russian was started at exactly the same time as my K-2's, and had exactly the same growing conditions all the way through. For some reason the Russian never seemed to be really healthy even though it yielded OK. The leaves suffered from "the claw" and always looked to be on the border of a magnesium deficiency which is why I used Cal-Mag every watering. By contrast, the K-2 always looked like it had just been transplanted from a jungle or something. The leaves were big and full, and it was always a beautiful shade of emerald green, You could look at it and tell right away that it was well cared for.

    As I have a bunch of white russian seeds left, I know I will eventually be growing this again. No clones from this grow as I'm moving this summer. I'll have to start from seed again. What do you guys think I was doing wrong, and what can I do differently for it the next time around?

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  2. Not a bad harvest, my friend. Hope you're enjoying that as we speak. About your problem with the White Russian, you may be experiencing a finicky pheno. From what I hear they like a boost of magnesium on occassion, adding some epsom salts in your regimen should hopefully perk them up. Maybe someone more experienced like Oldskool or Cantharis can put in their .02:smoke:.
  3. Hey, thanks for the advice Abnormldood. With me being a new grower and all. I didn't want to start off blaming the genetics. I've heard nothing but good things about High-grade seeds. This plant just looked scraggly from start to finish though. I was thinkin maybe it's got some outside of normal nutrition requirement or something. I took really good care of it and the two K-2's were just healthy as hell growing under the exact same conditions. I guess I'll just have to see how the next batch goes. After I move this summer, if I can get one female that looks good, I'll probably keep it as a mother.

    Also, I think I harvested this one maybe about a week early. The K-2 was ready and I had help available to do the trimming and stuff, so I went ahead and chopped it since it wasn't looking all that spectacular to begin with. Haven't got to enjoy it yet since it's still drying, but this weekend it should be fun trying it out :)
  4. I agree with the picky pheno. Maybe there was one thing that it didn't like about your growing medium that the other strain loved.

    As for it being harvested early, I agree. It looks like most of the pistils haven't turned, and the trichs look clear. Im sure you are enjoying that harvest though! Congrats!

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