Harvest outside????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by 420dank, May 2, 2006.

  1. I am only 19 and i NEED to dry my weed outside at my growspot because my dad will find out.....can some one help me O:'

  2. You could hang them from a rope going from a tree to a tree but then you would have to worry about MOULD, ANIMALS, BUGS , RAIN, and many other natrual weed disaters
  3. I dont know where you live but if you think your going to be harvesting around october then I know what you can do. You could try and build a shed near your growspot, though that may be kid of suspicious. What me and my friend did is we dug a 7x7x7 foot hole in the ground and then made it itno a concrete-walled room. It took us a while to do and we had to be really careful when making it but it turned out to be the most awesome room ever. If that seems to hard you could always go and buy a $100 van and cure it in there.
  4. hang it in yur closet unless your dad is sneaky is evil and shit lol
  5. put your buds in a cardboard box and stick them in your closet or something.
  6. i have edit: had the same problem but wat i did was get a big mason jar throw all that shit in then i took cottonballs and those silica packets you sometimes find in shoes and other stuff and put that alll in the jar. after a day i changed the cotton balls... i did this for a few days and it worked great! hope i helped
  7. thank you all... :D i think im gunu do the cotten bal one

    but sweet idea about the inground dry room :p
  8. yah i would imagine it would take a long time!
  9. Hehe far too much digging for our stoner lungs to handel:D
  10. I did that outside my basment window once, but I just put all the bud in like a little paper lunch bag and then inside a shoebox to semi protect it from the elements.

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