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Harvest or wait?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mjgrow420, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I'm growing two plants (bag seed) and most of the trichs are cloudy right now but I don't really see any amber ones yet. Just over 6 weeks flowering. I want to harvest one a little early so it gives you more of the energetic high. Something that I can smoke during the day and get things done. I want the other to wait a little while longer. Something that I can smoke in the evening and help me sleep. Should I harvest one now and wait a few more weeks for the other one or is it still to early to harvest one now? Not many of the hairs have turned dark yet... maybe 10-20%.
  2. its not going to make that much difference between the high if you harvest later or earlier. While there will be a difference it will mostly be in the smoke. It depends on which type of smoke you prefer. On every occasion when ive smoked an early harvest its the kind of light smoke that you can take larger than life bong rips and feel and taste nothing. its like light beer, more for quantity than quality of smoke. If you harvest later youll have the headiest earthiest hits that will leave you and your friends coughing. Id reccomend waiting a couple more weeks until about half to 2/3 of the pistils change from a light yellow to an orange like color. that is solely my opinion however, so harvest whenever you like try different dates maybe youll discover the best harvest date for your strain. Good luck for good smoke.
  3. Just wait it out.I did the same thing last round, I chopped half of one plant at day 48 and the other half at 64. The one chopped first got me high, for about 8 minutes and had little to no taste or smell.even after drying a week and curing for another 2 or 3. The one I waited on has a great smell and taste and even looks shinierr because of the trichs,and thr high was very intense especially compared to the same product chooped early.. If you want an energetic high then grow a sativa dom plant.but for indica let it be what its supposed to be.just my opinion and I hope it helps.have a good rest of the day!
  4. While patience isn't my best quality, I've decided to wait. I hate waiting.
  5. i feel you bro, the waiting is the worst part, but it separates the dank from the schwagg!
  6. I'm glad I decided to wait. It seems like my buds have hit another growth spurt and is increasing in size just in the past day or so. This makes me very happy!
  7. I am right there with ya bro, week 6 of flowering some barney's lsd and king's kush..

    Just a few more agonizing weeks!! :smoking:

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