Harvest or not yet?

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  1. It is an auto sour diesel.

    I don't have a microscope, only a macro-photo lens (not sure if it enlarges enough to see the trichome head color/detail), but the trichomes don't look amber, or cloudy to me,
    but the pistils seem to be already pretty brown...

    (attached photos in full res to see the trichomes)
    (the plant should be about 2 months - or 9 weeks - old now)
    Any help/advice would be much appreciated!

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  2. I dont see any new or old white pistols she looks ready to me. I would chop and dry her. 9 weeks is long for an auto. Mine usually finish in 7.
  3. Thanks a lot for your answer, I already harvested the main cola this morning, will do the side flowers tomorrow. Do you mean 7 weeks of flowering only or vegetative phase included (basically from the moment you plant the sprouted seed)?
  4. 7 weeks flowering, veg is about 1 month. Seed to harvest in about 90 days.
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  5. Thanks again for the info, much appreciated!

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