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  1. Hey everyone at GC! my friend is thinking of harvesting his plants from his cfl personal grow. Here is the set up. two grape ape seeds from an 8th of dank ass grape ape (pretty sure we had a bud that was from hermie in our 8th cause the only two seeds he got were both female) but anyway, my friend switched the lighting to 12/12 on November 25th and we had pistils on the 30th. so we have had 7 weeks after pistils and almost 8 weeks since switching 12/12. at least 70 percent pistils are orange, and 70% triches are cloudy and 15% clear 15% amber. he is looking to get a more head buzz dominant high that has a little narcotic effect as well. so we are looking for 70 cloudy 30 amber split. the plan was to do regular lighting for 3 more days and then 48 hours of dark, then chop them. What do you all think? should we wait more or would 5 days be sufficient? Any input is greatly appreciated!
    Thanks a bunch!

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  2. Well 48 hours in the dark can be scary but can have great results bust also devastating ones as well, make show its extra low humidity for that time. as far as when sounds like you have it under control. For me, its always a battle of when to harvest as well.. be ready and you think its almost there but it could take one more day or one more week lol just keep a close eye on it, maybe induce it for a 48 hour DP when they are 80/20? your guess is as good as mine.
  3. Really? No advice GC? please help
  4. Sounds good man, another 5-7 days should be long enough for the last 15% to turn cloudy then harvest, dont forget to flush.

    Good Luck with your harvest
  5. that plant looks pretty cron, but question to the op ( sorry if i cant help u with your problem) but im going to be doing a growbox exactly like yours and im wondering how you did that lighting and what you used
  6. thusfar- thanks for the advice, a few more days and they should be done! Grape Ape! Thanks for the good luck, I am hoping for a healthy harvest.

    Chron- the lighting started with a piece of wood that you mount light hookups to (4) then on each bulb hook up you put a Y splitter to make a total of (8) bulbs. Then take a reflector and attatched it to the top of the wood so it reflects the light on the plant, then hang with your choice of string to the top of the rubbermaid grow box.
  7. My experience has been that it's better to harvest later than you think you need to rather than earlier. So I would suggest you wait about 5 days before the harvest. Are you going to make QWISO hash with the trimmings?
  8. IMO if the high your looking for is more heady than narcotic, then with your given trich information i would go ahead and harvest now. the more that turn from cloudy to amber, the more narcotic the effect will be.
  9. heyy sir, just wondering if you have harvested yet?? Hows it looking?
  10. It has not been harvested yet, I am getting ancy haha. I will keep everyone updated with what happens though.pics to come soon
  11. Hey all, quick question, do you all usually just harvest it all at once or do you chop the top half for dryin and let the lower levels still grow for a few more days? the growbox was supposed to be the dryer as well, but if needed they can dry elsewhere. cause the top half is done on the plants, yet the bottom trichs still have clear ones. any advice? thanks blades
  12. it's not uncommon to go "half now, half later" if the lower half still got ways to go...
    even light-distribution is the key to not having to do this... ;)
    good luck

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