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Harvest off Season growing in San Diego

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by sandiegodank, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Hello I will be showing Southern California /San Diego that you can put plants out in January, February, and still harvest before the next season which you would harvest in October

    We have one of the best weather on the whole world.map only a few other places in the world get our type of weather

    You can also start indices in December.

    These plants will not reveg..

    But remember every geographical location is different .

    While you can have multiple harvests in San Diego. It might not be possible where you are due to the amount of sunlight hours

    March is also possible but you need fast finishers , and I haven't tried march out so I can't say forsure [​IMG]

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  2. Yeah I flower mostly around outside just veg inside to the size you want and stick them out. Hell I don't even grow in the Summers anymore out here in the desert it's too damn hot in Cali[​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. What desert are you in?
    I'm in Hesperia. I start my seeds in January indoors and move them outside in May. I average about 2 pounds per plant after a long veg/grow season.
    The hot desert summers don't bug my plants.
  4. Palm springs

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  5. my greatest tips to you could be to hold your plants down before they flower 3 or 4 days a week that washes the moths off and the eggs and keep you from getting caterpillars

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  6. Damn fckin caterpillars lol I can deal with the other bugs:( lol swear though my indoor is pristine

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  7. Super nice! People can see it's not just one harvest a year lol

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  8. Hose down ur girls at dusk every other day during veg! It will wash off eggs and make moths fly off

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  9. Southern California we get 4 grows per year with a bit of planning.
    Jan 1st
    March 15th
    June 1st
    Oct 15th
    I harvest, take new cuts and set out fully vegged plants 4 times per year on theses dates.
    Jan, mar, oct, are 10 week sets and June is the long one with 2 month of additional veg.

    Weekly spraying with BT and Cure will keep both the caterpillars and the Powdery Mildew under control.
    Been doing this gig since 2012, been growing the weed since 1976
    Armstrongs nursery for the BT

    Most hydro shops carry the cure

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