Harvest of my autoflowers

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  1. Quick question abot harvesting my autoflowers. Its very close to harvesting and my question is that my trichomes are milky at about 80%, should i try to push the harvest a couple more days to increase resin production or should i harvest now to avoid slipping into the amber stage? I just dont know how long i have in the milky stage.
    But i probably have it all wrong, every day is a learning day, hurray for me i love to learn from you all.
    Thank you all and happy holidays!
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  2. How much amber? Imo you dont need to look at trichomes all cannabis looks the same when done. Pistils will change color, curl into buds then pistils will recede into buds. Alot of people pull weed with orange/red pistils sticking out everywhere, no problem with doing so. Personal preference to harvest. But I've bought countless bags of weed over my 22 years of use and have never purchased weed with hairs everywhere.

    You want some amber to insure maximum cloudiness and thc. 15% or so

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  3. 5-10 % amber
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  4. Everyone is different. I prefer mine at about 15 to 20 percent, but I'm not about to turn down a bowl filled with 10 percent. LOL.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Opinions on ripeness
    I see it like harvesting apples of a tree not all apples get ripe at once the top most first and the lower limbs in about a month, for this Im for sequential grows,remove 50% of the plant now the other 50% in 3-4 weeks if not sooner, check the above chart

    the good news? the cure and drying room are usually free for the 2nd crop ...lol

    good luck

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