Harvest now or After Vacation?

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  1. I'm at day 84 from seedling breaking the soil with two NL autos from Nirvana. I've been watering 1 to 1.5 gallons every 3 days with Botanicare Bloom and molasses. I do have a jewelers loupe and most of the trichomes are cloudy at this point. There appear to be some that might be a bit clear (less than 5%) while others have started turning amber (5-10%). I've done a good bit of trimming and removed most of the yellowing and dying leaves. I leave for vacation on Friday morning and won't be back until Monday evening, so Thursday night is my last chance to harvest unless I wait until I get back. Should I cut down Thursday (tomorrow) or wait until I get back. If I should wait, approximately how long?
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  2. You could harvest half, or some other fraction, and then compare harvests as an interesting test.
    Otherwise, I'd harvest now, because who knows what might happen in your absence, and amber means the thc degradation has begun.
  3. I want more of the "couch lock" effect, but I didn't want to leave them unattended for a few days not knowing what I might come home to.
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    U r not going to get that much couch lock on that amount of time so I would take them now. They are too beautiful to chance a problem at this point.
  5. Too many new white pistils on the main tops for me to cut it down. I would wait another week to 10 days.

    My 8 week wonder woman has no new pistils on the main tops right now. It looks more done then that and it's waiting until this weekend.
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  6. You might be surprised, unless you've already experimented with multiple trichome color harvests.
    Most people have been taught that those amber trich produce more sleepy cbn, but cbn is not sleepy for everyone.
    I once did a double decarb of some herb to get lots more cbn for sleep, and it made me jittery, not sleepy.
    For many of us, thc is the couch locker (even in a sativa to a lesser degree), not cbn, and not cbd, which is actually a stimulant.
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  7. Man....so much conflicting info..to be expected! To clarify, I can wait as long as necessary after I get back from vacation, just wanted to point that out incase those few days would be too late or things would degredate too far.
  8. They will be fine. Wait.
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  9. I find that growers have this funny attitude that you're going to miss out on it's peak if you don't chop it on a specific day. It's just not true. I've never felt sorry that I let a plant go a few extra days or weeks. I'm always glad I did.

    As I've posted before. The amber glands are the oldest ones. The plant continuously grows new glands and those new glands need time to mature to reach peak potency. White pistils on the tops means that you have some new glands on those tops. The pistil production shuts down from top to bottom. You can watch it happen the very tip top will be the first place to stop putting out new pistils and that progression will work it's way down the plant. I'll harvest when the mid section of the plant is near 50/50 white hairs considering other factors as well. I never cut one down with lots of white hairs on the big colas.

    You should see a few people in the indoor grow journals section. They'll let their plants go a long ass time. They seem to gain weight and taste better. I haven't really seen any negative effects to letting it go.
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  10. I read that "couch lock" adjective so many times so many places it makes me cringe anymore. Can nobody think of another term? Maybe you got couch locked because it was way more stoney when you let it go longer?
  11. I certainly can waste the day away on my indicas OR I can choose to be motivated while high on it. Works for both.
  12. I can get work done on any strain. I do like a sativa high but I don't think that if you let a sativa that had an energetic high go a week longer it would turn it into couch lock bud... hehe. I don't consider time of harvest as critical to the type of high as strain is once you get past the point of actually being ripe.

    Time of harvest has some effect but it's way less then the type of strain on how the high is.
  13. completely agree...
  14. well said
  15. I am trying hard to listen to Tbone and BraveDave. Its hard to make an old dog change. I will let my new crop go longer b/c of their inputs. However, the OLD Storz would have harvested those gals now......
  16. I learned patience from some of the older growers that hang out in the indoor grow journals section. A few of them go so much further then I'm willing to it gave me confidence to delay harvest more. I rarely cut a plant down before 9-10 weeks. I have an 8 week wonder woman right now that I really think looks done. It's in promix though so I want to give it a few days with just water since I've been feeding dry koolbloom which is 45% phosphorus. I'll give it a lite 4 day or so wash out. It'll be 9 weeks on Saturday. That's the quickest strain I have in the garden right now. The Crystal will be 10 weeks but my White Rhino is going to go 11. I can tell. It's still loaded with about 60-70% white pistils all over even though it's starting to foxtail.

    I know about the obvious mite damage. I've barely taken any pictures of this grow. Because of my mite battle I really ruined it but the buds are still turning out great. It's the new QB260. I had to supercrop all the colas on the white rhino because of the way they rocketed up right into the burn zone. I have heavy buds falling down all over now. It's about 2 weeks until it will be cleaned out slowly starting in about 3-4 days. Rhino is left front. They're heat stressed a little. It hit 90 that day for a peak. I forgot to open the window before I left for work. You can kinda see all the white pistils on the big Rhino cola. It's going to get larger. That's why that one gets another two weeks. IMG_0684.JPG
  17. i would wait but i would also use some kind of auto watering drip thingy soil drying out would be my main concern .
  18. Thanks guys. Some conflicting info, but it does sound like waiting a bit would be the way to go. I'll give them until I'm back in town on Monday and then take a look. I'll be sure to give them a good watering on Thursday night before I leave.
  19. What wattage led you got there :)

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