"Harvest in July" Sour Kush aka Headband

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    Begin April 6th-Present

    Hello and welcome to my "Harvest in July" grow journal featuring Sour Kush
    I will be using the same hydrosystem as I have for my other grows

    Began the germination process today using the water in a cup method @ 7:00am

    Next update will be when I transplant to the rockwool :wave:

    Equipment available for use but not limited to,

    Current watts 249w

    1- 150w Sun System HPS
    1- Full Spectrum enhanced bulb
    4- 225 LED Quad Band light panels
    2- 225 LED Red panel (added for flowering cycle)
    1- Florescent light w/ 3000k and 4200k bulbs.
    1- Grow Tent 48x24x60 lined with mylar
    1- 4 Gallon Passive Hydro Garden w/ 1-6 pots 6.5x6.5x6.5 & electric air pump
    1- 16" rock stone air filter strip
    1- 8 slot power strip w/ surge protection
    1- TDS w/ temp indicator
    1- Bottle of calibration liquid for TDS
    1- 10inch fan
    1- 8 inch fan
    1- 5 inch fan
    1- 15lbs of Hydroton
    7- Gallons of distilled water only
    2- PH testing liquid
    1 box- latex gloves for handling
    1 set- Flora series nutrients
    1- Bottle of Flora nectar
    1- Bottle of Floralicious Plus
    1- Bottle of M.O.A.B. (flowering nutrients)
    1ea- PH up, PH down
    1- Heavy-duty timer
    1- 30x magnifying glass
    1- Hygrometer ($8)

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  2. Sounds good I'm pulling up a chair for this one I have a few beans of this I'm gonna run next time around.
  3. The sour kush seed sprouted 24 hours after I added it to the water
    So far so good :wave:

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  4. Thanks for stopping by :smoke:
  5. 12 hours later she is poking her head out the rockwool :hello:

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  6. Almost lost my seedling thanks to the shell + the extra material that the seedling is wrapped up in
    I had to go in and use a toothpick to remove the remaining shell and the extra material
    I gave the seedling 1 day (about 18 hours) to try to open up herself
    First pic is yesterday the second this morning

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    .... :p

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  8. Began a light feeding today
    Changed the set-up a little today also

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  9. Happy 420 to all my smokers and midnight tokers :smoke:

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  10. Yesterday was soooo hot in my grow area it had me fearing for my baby's life (the plant) :p
    Luckily she is mostly indica so she should be able to stand a little heat I'm hoping :)
    I have to wait until Friday to get the temps under control :mad:
    At this point she has already been fed twice

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  11. Hope im wrong but that looka lika man?
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    Big Update

    After prolonged exposure to temps ranging from 88-91*F for 4 days straight I have finally been able to gain control of the heat
    Ended up purchasing a long awaited piece of equipment that will allow me to use a higher watt HID in future grows
    Temps being a factor in my purchasing of the 150w HPS

    As far as a slowed or stopped growth though out the extreme temps, the plant seemed to continue to endure like a champ
    As can be seen by the pictures taken 5 days prior when the heat wave was beginning
    She was showing signs of heat stress in the form of the leaf edges pointing upwards, which was to be expected ;)

    Also due to unforseen events I have had to induce the 12/12 schedule 10 days earlier then I wanted to
    Its all good though I am still going to enjoy the end resulting budz :D

    The first pic was last night at lights out, to give a better view of the color without the HPS on
    The other is todays

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  13. I was pleasantly surprised by the sour kush odor my plant was giving off today
    Makes me wish I had some to smoke :(

    And that portable a/c kicks @ss :metal:
  14. It will be worth the wait, great producer, she does have a distinct odor early on in veg that only gets more potent thru the grow
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    So far so good
    She has been an easy plant thus far
    Hopefully she remains that way but I don't foresee any problems

    Yes I am smelling it everyday now
    I love it, can't wait :smoke:

    Edit: Wanted to add that she had stretched a little bit more than average between the 4th and 5th internodes

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    Added flowering nutes today
    Should be showing sex here in a week or so

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  17. Looking nice and healthy

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    Ok so she appears to have stopped stretching for the moment
    She began at the 4th inter-node and continued to the 6th but now it looks like normal growth before the stretch
    Standing now near a foot tall and wide

    She is bushy yet a little stringy compared to my LSD which was defiantly a bush
    She is also loving the flowering nutes I gave her about a week ago
    Nothing yet as far as pistils or anything special

    Edit: Yesterday she stretched between the 5th and 6th internode this time

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  19. Pics from this morning

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    Pistils :wave:

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