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  1. Hey guys, looking for some input with the harvest of my grand daddy purple, zombie kush, blue cookies, and Girl Scout cookies. Getting the harvest time right is always where I seem to have the most headache. I know that we look for mainly cloudy trichomes with some amber but a lot of my plants keep popping new white hairs (probably due to heat stress and foxtailing).
    All are in their tenth week aside from the girls scout cookies which is in its 9th week.
    Plants have been flushed (4 days ago) but medium is still moist. Also not as much yellowing of leaves as I would expect at this point.

    Grand daddy purple:
    Under a microscope it is mainly cloudy with a few ambers. The middle and lower section of the plant still has a lot of white pistils and some clear trichomes. I didn’t defoliate as much as I normally do on this one.

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    Zombie kush:
    Trichomes are all pretty much cloudy with about 40% Amber. This one I am pretty sure is ready and probably even past its delivery date. The only thing is there are virtually no yellowing leaves. The plant looks pretty healthy and frosty and is pretty much all bud.

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    Blue cookies:
    This one has a mix of cloudy and clear with a few ambers here and there. The orange hairs are still standing straight up in most places which leads me to think that it still needs another week? Again no yellowing leaves and this is the tenth week of flower.

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    Girl Scout cookies:
    This one has a mix of all three trichomes (mainly cloudy). This plant ended up getting a lot of heat stress and the buds are very airy. Will be made into hash. Leaves are mainly burnt and curling.

    View attachment 2624633
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    My questions are which ones should I harvest right away and which ones need a little more time. Flushing has been completed on all already. I’m looking for the type of high that gets you ripped and tripping out or a best of both worlds.
    Does it matter if the mediums are still a little on the moist side (flushed 3-4 days ago).

    Thank you

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