Harvest from my only surviving plant

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  1. Too bad this was the only one left, but its still great since it was my first indoor succesfull crop! Durban poison at its best. These buds were drying for 6 days, and now im curing them, so i can have a nice flavored, cured, more potent smoke by the World Cup (BRAZIL!!!). Anyways, im recovering from a car accident that broke my nose and almost broke my arms, and the medicinal properties of the DP are now in test, since i got a couple of nuggets to smoke before the rest is cured!

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  2. Yummy!

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  3. my equal share (we smoked a couple of nugs already, but yet its not big yield, its pleasant and very strong)

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  4. This is not made out of my plant. Indian hash, great stuff. Probably the best hash i ever smoked in my entire life of smoking hash (that goes back to 1993). somebody tell me please how to insert smilies on the body of text?

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  5. Good first grow,

    Just a pointer for the next round harvest about a week or so earlier then this round as you can see the pistils were pretty brown when ya harvested but either way it still looks pretty good for your first go at it !!

    Good luck in the future grows!!

  6. We harvested when it completed 8 weeks flowering, and the day before, it was still growing. so, next day, we did the cut. That last week the buds increased about 1/4 to 1/3 in size, so that about pistils could be something to do with the strain?
    Well, thanks for your opinions buddies!
  7. That dp..does hair up and redden or purple like that,, but the damn buds look like Swazi to me....that shit is hairy as hell...lol..and redheads just like that when slow dried....

    Next time watch for signs that the calyx's begin to shrink,,if so you are about 1-2 weeks late.......peace


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