Harvest Early :(

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  1. Well fuck..

    Sativa of unkn strain
    Flowering time 6 weeks from 12/12 and about 4-5 weeks since first sign of flowers
    Soil, sunlight and no nutes

    I have a sativa growing right now in a pot in my backyard that I force flowered in my garage. I live in a duplex that up until tomorrow was only occupied by myself. Tomorrow I get new neighbours in the other unit. My problem is both the backyard and the garage are "shared space" .. Meaning my growing season has come to an end. I don't have anywhere else that I trust for a discrete and attentive grow. What are my disadvantages of harvesting the small amount of buds I have at this point?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Try reasoning with them first, they may be cool

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  3. Well it is illegal to grow and possess in my state so...
  4. it's in a pot...feel them out ..fire one up in front of them ...ya never know...they might have better weed and more of it hand you....if you can't be sure of that..then ..chopping a premature plant ...that has never had any nutrients will at least burn and taste better than a plant that has nutrients... that said there won't be much of it and the thc won't be as potent ..


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  5. That plant is going to give you an ounce, of premature bud. If it's really a risk, ask yourself if it's worth it?
  6. Its all gonna be moot man when you tear her down and smoke it. You'll literally find out for yourself. Obviously a lower yield and less potency but better than nothing. Life throws curveball at you sometimes.
  7. Let us know how much different the high was. My buddy smokes the little nugs on the bottom after week 3 and claims to get high off them.

    Hey I also noticed that your hairs were all orange. Doesn't that mean that it's been pollinated or stressed? Or is it genetics?
  8. I have no idea nor am i a smoker, I literally found this plant and subscribed to this board

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