Harvest (Drying and Curing)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GeorgeB, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. ok so i dry them by hanging them upside down in the dark with a fan??? is more fan better??? and is it ok if i cant hang them would it be any better hanging than in a shoebox or w/e ??? and how long does the drying process take?? a week or 2??? and when i cure, mason jar right??? would it be better 2 de-stem it a lil b4 curing?? and when do i know when they are rdy for cure? and should i open the jar about everyday???

    i have a lot of time to dry and cure btw, so if times key im so far so good.
  2. 1) Hang the buds and put a fan on them until they are mostly dry (stem almost breaks when bent). Might take a few days.
    2) put in paper bags or a shoe box until they are smokably dry (stems snap, but the bud isn't crumbly). Might take a week.
    3) store in an air tight container (mason jars common) to cure. Open the jars for short periods every day to exchange air for the first week or so. The longer the cure the better, but there's no reason to not smoke the bud at this point :)
  3. I wouldn't put a fan directly on them unless it's a real small one. Just as long as there is air moving in the room that there hanging in. Otherwise it will cause the buds to get crispy. It's all trial and error really. There is infinite ways to dry buds some good others bad. Do what works for you. It's a learning experience.

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