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Harvest Day- Bubba Kush

Discussion in 'Bud Shots' started by MattXJ7, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. #1 MattXJ7, Mar 22, 2010
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    day 40 and its ready for cutting. half amber/cloudy trics
    bubba kush

  2. num num num
  3. what light and nutrients did you use?
  4. Hey how's it going...great lookin buds, I'm also interested in what lights/nute you used.I'm also growing a few bubbas, currently on day 44 flowerring but still have mostly white hairs.

  5. Hey there. I used a 250 Watt hps, and the ff growbig/tiger bloom/big bloom. For some reason this plant matured alot faster than any others that ive seen... cant wait to weigh it all out dried.
  6. that shit is sexy! i have a special kush 1 that looks just like that. That was a dam fast finishin plant if it finished flowering in under 6 weeks... my kush is at like 6 or 7 weeks and it has a lot of white hairs and the trichs are mostly clear with some cloudy last time i cheked 2 days ago
  7. nice how much did you get?
  8. sick bud and set up!
  9. Very Nice...some of the best bud around. + REP for the quality and quick harvesting.
  10. looks bomb bay :cool:
  11. Mmmm i wanna puff on that hahahahah dank as fuck!!!!
  12. That's a dope ass cabinet you got there too. Nice harvest and congrats :smoke::smoke:
  13. very nice... bubba loves to turn purple with a slight temp drop. only shame is she's a very low yielder. we pulled 2.88lbs of 2 1000w
    good luck with ur next on!
  14. Looks good.
  15. that was day 40 with all those red hairs? amazing!
    is it greenhouse seeds?

  16. Nice WAT was the dry weight
  17. mmm my favorite strain. enjoy the fruits of your labor man
  18. Deff one of my favorite tastes. Im also growing bubba and using ff neuts. Were you soil or hydro?

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