Harvest bud shots

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  1. First indoor grow harvest

    Started from seed
    Grown in organic soil mix
    LED lights
    Chopped 65 days from flower

    Strain: red widow 13

    Harvested in 2 stages here are some nice buds from the first cut

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  2. Looks like fire :smoke: what's it smoke like?
  3. very happy with the quality appearance wise will have to get a 'test dummy' to tell me how it is

    I honestly haven't smoked in years but it now being legal to grow where I live I had to take advantage of it and to offer my friends and family good medicine grown organically

    after the nugs sit in some mason jars curing I may have to give it a try.. :metal:
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  4. well as im trimming some buds this morning I decided to roll a joint
    my first hit in over 3 years and I have to say this stuff tastes amazing and totally kicked my ass

    im tasting a hashy haze that has a hint of maybe sour burns great and im loving the feeling this morning
    stony high but I feel motivation to get shit done

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