Harvest And Then Switch Back To Growth?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 567843, May 20, 2013.

  1. I got no seeds for my next grow but I have this idea. I wonder if anyone has tried it.
    I'm thinking of harvesting the plants but I'll leave the bottom part with some undeveloped buds and some leafs and switch back to growth and get another grow out of them. Will it work?

  2. Yes it's been done before. I tried to find ya a link but still having trouble with the new site.
    Try searching or googling "revegging"
    I think it's easier and quicker if you just take clones and grow them out.
    It'll take some time for your flowering plant to convert back to vegging
  3. Thank you very much! You guys are great!
  4. OK so that thread was very helpful. I just have one question. It says to cut of 2/3 of the root?! That seems like something that would surely kill the plant not to mention that its a very messy job and any way what exactly is the reason for this? Will it work if I skip that part?
  5. That's if you're growing in a pot.
    If ya are by the time you harvest you're gonna be close,if not already root bound.
    When you cut the roots back you're just giving them room to grow as you reveg.
    I'd guess if you were outdoors it wouldn't be that big of a deal.
  6. I dont understand what root bound is supposed to mean and why thats a problem?
  7. @Dr3adLoX 
    \t\troot bound\t\t\tA disorder of the root system that occurs when a plants is allowed to grow too long in a pot that is too small for it. The roots wrap around in on themselves and become tangled.
  8. If you get root bound your roots will grow into the size and shape of the container it's in.
    Once you get root bound your roots won't grow any more slowing or stopping the growth of your plant.
    Your roots need room to grow so your plant can grow.
  9. OK I get it. Thanks. I guess its gonna be another hard day working the field. Cheers!
  10. Instead of trimming the roots you could just transplant into a bigger pot. I would suggest that you re-veg the plant and then clone it. It's not that difficult to do. Your yield will be better. 
    Really? Been on the fence about re-vegging my current grow since I could not get a good clone (tried a few but none lived). I was just going to go grab a couple of clones from the dispensary since I want to tray some different training techniques . I had heard it takes awhile to reveg a plant, but that yield was not affected and that you could actually get bushier plants on a re-veg.

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