Harvest after rainfall?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by snoz0r, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. In about a week or two, I will be harvesting.. it will definitely be time. Unfortunately it's been raining quite alot here, everything is wet but my baby is doing fine, she isn't showing signs of any overwatering thanks to the great location that it's growing in. My real concern right now, because of the rain.. when I do harvest what should I do? Of course i'm hoping for a day when there is no rain, but in case there is.. how would I keep mold from spreading everywhere. I don't want to force dry it to keep her dry, because i'm looking for best taste in potency as far as dry time and curing go.

    Any ideas?
  2. well.. it's an outdoor grow in my backyard, it was hard enough making the weeds and other vegetation around it to make it look like another "weed". Heh, a roof wouldn't work very well in the stealthiness of my grow.. the hardcore skunk smell that waft's around my backyard doesn't either =P

    any ideas for after harvest perhaps?
  3. Just wait for a few dry days in a row, then harvest. Thats what im doing right now :)
  4. Firts sighn and cut that bud down. you can still make hash with the rest but i wouldnt smoke it beacuse there are still spores in it.

    a long as you dont take too long drying by having teh temps too low and humidity way high mold shouldnt be a broblem while drying.
  5. cool dark place with indirect air circulation for 2 weeks. Mount an oscilating fan in the room and have it blow around back and forth around the room keeping the air flow moving, will help you.
  6. It ususaly only takes me about 4 days to dry the buds, then they go into the jars for curing. I cant wait till i harvest and have a closet full of weed! I have to get started on my carbon scrubber or that stuff's going to stink up outside my house!
  7. all i know is mine stinks up my entire backyard, i'm very glad i have no nearby neighbors, however they would probably think i have a colony of skunks living in my backyard, unbeknownst to them.. i only have one skunk ;). I'm extremely anxious though.. so anxious in fact i've been having trouble falling asleep the past few nights because I continually think about the entire chopping down, manicuring, cutting of the leaves, drying, curing and hash making processes. I already have all the needed tools laid out for myself and organized on an old kitchen table down in my basement =P. It never can hurt to be ready a couple weeks ahead of time =D.

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