Harvard Study Finds Fluoride in Water Lowers IQ – Published in Federal Gov’t Journal

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  1. Remember kids, drink the tap water so you can have those pearly whites!

  2. Well that explains it. At least now I have something to blame for me being stupid instead of just thinking it was me. I love putting the blame on others
  3. Maybe it was a giant secret operation to slowly dwindle down the population to take control of us all and make us slaves >_@
  4. ^ There is a conspiracy or 2 that says just that :laughing:
  5. No cavities and 121 iq so I'm not bitchin :)...iq isn't a great measure of intelligence anyways as eq is just as important...and what area did they test because different states have different iq averages

  6. 143 iq and 3 cavities
  7. Where's garrison, we need his input.
  8. I'll sum up what he would have said in his absence.


  9. I unliked this. Its against the rules and kind of deucy
  10. Fluoride salesmen and dentists agree
    with nazis and dictators from history
    that its better to be stupid with no cavities
    for it's easy to manipulate your vanities
    so smile when you pay homage to your shiny Pearly White's,
    Watch out for plaque and feel the burn of dental oversight

    Ever wonder why dentists have the shortest lifespan of any medical profession?

    Fluoride is a poison. rinse and repeat.

  11. I'd gladly sacrifice a few IQ points if it means no cavities, root canals, extractions, gum infections, bridges, crowns, implants and astronomical dental bills.
  12. [quote name='"munchymeiser900"']

    I unliked this. Its against the rules and kind of deucy[/quote]

    I wasn't meant it to be dooshy. That's just how it is here .. sometimes the discussion between garrison & others can be entertaining :p
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    From the the sounds of it, they've got some correlation data and are implying causation. Hard to sort out what is the media's (GC's) potentially biased interpretation of the study versus what the data actually says. Perhaps the OP could provide a link to the pdf for everyone to read?
  14. Swills already posted a link.

    here is a direct link to the pdf, if you couldn't find it

  15. Thanks but that's just the supplemental material. Will chck swill's post...

    Edit: got it. ;)
  16. The only reason you'd need fluoride in water for teeth protection would be if you didnt take care of your teeth otherwise and ate a terrible diet.

    The entire water supply shouldn't be poisoned for your bad habits.

  17. Thank you for your nasty, uninformed reply.

    I had bad teeth because of nutrition problems due to undiagnosed Celiac Disease, and many other people have dental problems due to various medical reasons including other autoimmune conditions.

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