Harsh Dry hits

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  1. Hey guys,

    I've had my pipe for a month now, and I love it. A partial downside is that some of the hits can be real harsh on the throat, which can destroy the chill-ness/make me wanna stop the sesh sometimes. Anyway, is there any way to make the hits a little smoother/less harsh? I've read of keeping ice in your mouth and also hearing of water in your mouth, or maybe theres a technique to doing it better?

  2. your bud is likely uncured or unflushed. grind the bud really fine, like dust. It will burn better and produce a better smoke. Try leaving it on the table for 3 hours before smoking, this will dry it if its wet
  3. Take smaller tokes or look into the possibility of getting a bong/bubbler :smoke:
  4. Id say invest in a water pipe or get better quality bud.
  5. Smoked out of a 4 in pipe for 4 yrs never will get a smooth hit get a small 9in beaker.. but best way to is leave in fridge for a few it gets cold.
  6. Invest in some QUALITY glass if you want a QUALITY hit :rolleyes:
  7. Throw some bigger bits of bud in the bottom of the bowl under your ground up herb to add drag, and take longer, slower hits.

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