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harsh bud

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by lightgreenhay, Oct 16, 2022.

  1. The bud i get from the dispensary isnt kind its got a loud chemical taste to it

    is this the fertilizer they used
    how can they get this harsh result

    also how come they dont have a list of all chemicals that are in the bud
    when i went to denver the dispensary had a list of all the chemicals inside the bud
  2. What strain ?
  3. It probably wasn't dried and cured properly.
  4. i grew my own bud before all i did was hang it for a couple weeks and it was kind bud
    its got to be the fertilizer they used
    how come they arnt required to list all chemicals?
  5. Theres strains thatll taste chemical/pine soil
  6. Well, if it tastes bad, try water-curing it! Water-curing removes extra ferts, and most of the terpenes (flavor compounds). What you end up with is some UGLY- LOOKING, bland, but very smooth-smoking buds!

    Water Curing Weed: What Is It, and How Do You Do It? (news – 2021)

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  7. Harsh Bud is also slang in Alberta for not good man. I’ll leave now.
  8. I noticed this a lot with dispensary weed, especially cheaper stuff. They dry it very quickly and send it out without any real cure.
    I left some extra harsh bud in my freezer for a few years. It got a lot smoother.
  9. Quick dry with no cure. I fought that fast dry issue for years drying in very low humidity before I got it under control.

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  10. What the hell is a quick dry
    you can cure fertilizer bud for 500 million years and it will still be nasty
    ITS FERTILIZER not a dry issue
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  11. this water cure might help but i seriously doubt it will be kind bud when its done
  12. If you know everything, then why start this thread. :rolleyes:

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